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Highly comfortable and convenient custom earplugs that block background noise without isolating you from conversation

Hearing loss is a concern for many Australians owing to occupation and/or lifestyle. Fortunately the problem is preventable using adequate hearing protection, but earmuffs and earplugs are only effective until removed due to discomfort or the need to communicate arises.

Custom earplugs from Cotral are uniquely moulded to the individuals' ear canal, enabling a perfect fit for complete comfort and protection from noise. Selective filters block the sounds you don't want to hear while permitting the sounds you do.

6 Year warranty Easy cleaning & maintenance! We come to you!

Overall Key Benefits of Our Custom Earplugs

Cost effective Easy and comfortable
AS/NZ compliance Productivity
ONIHL risk management Environmentally friendly solution

Customer Reviews

“After this initial period, I am absolutely pleased with the product.  It has exceeded all expectations – and so comfortable to wear!” – B.W., Safety Officer, Ohmic Controls, NSW

“The service and training provided by Russel and team has been completed in the most professional way with a product that not only can we trust but it works” – A.U, WHS Officer, Vesuvius, NSW

“Very happy with the device and will procure for the remainder of the site” – R.A., Plant Manager, NCI Packaging, Preston, VIC.

“They are really easy to use, and easy to clean. Very light compared to earmuffs and block out unwanted noise whilst still letting you able to hear people talk which is valuable.” – W.I., AGL Power Plant, NSW

 Leading Companies Are Using Our Hearing Protectors


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    These are no ordinary earplugs

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    Preventing Noise Induced Hearing Loss with QEOS

    NOISE INDUCED HEARING LOSS (NIHL) is irreversible hearing loss caused by exposure to dangerous noise levels for varying periods of time. By Australian law, you must wear hearing protection when you are exposed noise levels Read More
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