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Cotral QEOS

Effective Hearing Protection

Custom earplugs

 Stays comfortable

 Enables communication

 Convenient use & maintenance

Customised Earplugs for Hearing Protection

Custom hearing protectionNoise levels experienced in many jobs or industrial processes, such as manufacturing or construction are simply too high for workers to safely operate in without use of effective hearing protection. Despite mandatory regulations enforcing companies to provide suitable hearing protection, conventional devices such as foam earplugs or earmuffs are often neglected when the worker's communication ability or comfort is affected.

Cotral QEOS overcomes the limitations of conventional hearing protection by enabling workers to perform their job function with minimal restraints on their hearing or communication. Once inserted, workers can leave their QEOS earplugs in all day without ever needing to remove them, as they carry out their activities.


Stay protected without isolating yourself

Communication: Communicate effectively with friends and co-workers in noisy environments as QEOS reduces background noise. Stay part of the conversation, face to face or over the phone.


Comfort: Designed from your ear impressions using the most advanced technology, QEOS is so comfortable you will forget you are wearing them. Manufactured precisely to fit your ear canal, there's no need to ram them in like foam earplugs. Nor will they cause your ears to overheat, as can happen with earmuffs. 


supportConvenience: Much smaller than headphones or earmuffs, QEOS lets you work or talk without interference so you won't need to touch them again once inserted. Each pair of plugs can be joined by a cord so you're not likely to lose them.


Optimised to your hearing requirements

QEOS is fitted with the right noise filter to suit any work situation. Choose from:

  • Three Uniform Response filters with NRR from 8 to 20
  • Four High Frequency Attenuation filters with NRR from 16 to 23

Cleaning and Maintenance

QEOS is made from non-porous crylit polymer which keeps it dirt free and makes cleaning simple. The maintenance kit provides all you need for occasional and routine cleaning procedures.

For more information, download brochure here

Maintenance kit


Further Information

Indepth information covering various aspects of QEOS hearing protectors can be found on Cotral's international site.
For more details, explore the links below.

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