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Cotral CLEAR


CLEAR circle

 Stays comfortable

 Barely noticeable

 Enables communication

Customised Noise Reducing Earplugs

Cotral Clear was designed to reduce background noise to comfortable levels, letting you stay calm and focused during work and leisure situations. Selective filtering lets through useful sounds like speech so you can remain part of the conversation when needed. These customised noise reducing earplugs are small and discrete so they'll hardly be noticed. Leave them in all day and enjoy the difference.


Minimise Disturbing Noise at Home, Work, Play and Lifestyle

Cotral CLEAR is ideal for:


Stay focused without isolating yourself

Communication: Communicate effortlessly with friends and co-workers as CLEAR reduces background noise


Comfort: Designed from your ear impressions using the most advanced technology, CLEAR is so comfortable you will forget you are wearing them


supportDiscretion: With a small and flat design CLEAR is almost unnoticeable and can be worn under a helmet or headset or used with a mobilephone



Optimised to your hearing requirements

With its unique uniform response filter, CLEAR is available with 4 levels of sound attenuation: 12, 17, 23 or 25 dB.



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