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  • Hearing Matters - Sept 2018

    CLEAR - Live a life less loudCLEAR is Here!

    Welcome to our September newsletter. We are very excited to launch CLEAR, our innovative custom-made noise-reducing ear plugs.

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  • Hearing Matters - June 2018

    Superior hearing in petsWelcome to our June newsletter

    When straining to hear in noisy environments, people rely more on their right ear than their left, apparently. But why? Learn more about this and other amazing latest developments in hearing. 

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  • Hearing Matters - May 2018

    Latest developments in hearingWelcome to our May newsletter

    Commencing this month, our "Latest Developments in Hearing" section will keep you up to speed with exciting advances in hearing related research.

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  • Hearing Matters - April 2018

    Apr 18Welcome to our April newsletter

    Sport is the flavor of the month this April as we celebrate the XXI Commonwealth Games with a special promotion for every team. There's also an article to fill you in about sport and the impact of noise.

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