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NOISE INDUCED HEARING LOSS (NIHL) is irreversible hearing loss caused by exposure to dangerous noise levels for varying periods of time.

By Australian law, you must wear hearing protection when you are exposed noise levels of 85dB(A) (decibels) for 8 hours.

However, exposure to higher decibel levels will cause greater damage in a much shorter time. For example, just 1 minute at 112dB(A) is as harmful as 8 hours at 85dB(A).

NIHL is the same as deafness. There is no cure for deafness, but fortunately NIHL is preventable if you take certain precautions.


Proper protection means that you wear your protectors 100% of the time exposed to noise.

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What you can do to prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss:

  • Wear your hearing protectors 100% of the time exposed to noise. This is the most important thing you can do to prevent NIHL.
  • Insert your protectors before you enter a noisy area and remove them only after you leave the area.
  • Do not remove your protectors to speak to or listen to another person. Just 2 minutes without wearing them in an 8-hour period reduces their effectiveness by 25%.
  • Wear your hearing protectors outside of work in noisy environments, for example when using power tools, mowing the lawn, riding a motorcycle or going to a rock concert.

Remember that hearing damage occurs gradually over an extended period. There is no pain, no blood and no warning sign. Therefore, people often don’t pay much attention to their hearing until it is too late.

In addition to loss of hearing, noise can contribute to a wide range of health problems. Some of the consequences of ongoing exposure to noise may be:





Reduced attention span

Deafness is irreversible.

It is socially isolating and can lead to loneliness and depression.

Cotral highly recommends that you wear your protectors whenever you are exposed to noise levels greater than 80dB(A).



Why you will love* your new Qeos customised hearing protectors:

  • Everyone has uniquely shaped ear canals. Your Qeos protectors are made with a precise 3D technology from moulds of your ears and are therefore a perfect fit.
  • Your Qeos are so comfortable that you won’t feel the need to remove them. You can wear them for long periods without being aware they are in your ears.


  • They are easy to insert in just a few seconds.


  • The special filters have been selected to meet your specific needs and noise levels, so that you are not under- or over-protected. These filters can be changed if your work environment does.


  • If you have Qeos OS communicating filters, you will be better able to hear while protected, as distortion of sounds and voices is minimised.
  • Qeos are made from a very light and smooth material which is hypo-allergenic and won’t absorb dirt.


  • The handles ensure that you can insert them even with dirty hands.


  • We provide a six-year warranty against manufacturing defects and comfort issues.

*Once you have adapted to them, you will love them - please see guidelines for adapting to your Qeos over the page.

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