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Home is the one place we expect to find peace and quiet, at least part of the time. Ironically though, maintaining a household generates plenty of noise. In addition there are sources outside of our control to contend with. It could be the neighbours, their kids and animals, nearby traffic or people we share the house with. All this takes its toll on our peace of mind, so reducing noise at home is a battle worth winning.

Domestic noise often rivals the ear-splitting volumes typically found in industry. Mowing the lawn, vacuuming the floor or using noisy power tools for sustained periods can subject your ears to dangerous levels. Any sound over 85 decibels poses a risk; the louder the noise, the less time your ears can safely tolerate it. The effects are cumulative so that even exposure to quieter sounds adds up.

Here are a few examples of household noises.

  • Coffee grinder: 70-80 db
  • Flush toilet: 75-85 db
  • Whistling kettle: 80  db
  • Blender: 80-90 db
  • Garbage disposal: 80-95 db
  • Electric drill: 95 db
  • Leaf blower: 110 db
  • Hammer on nail: 120 db

Sound affects our mental and physical condition whether conscious of it or not. Your ears remain active at all times, continuously processing and reacting to sound even while you’re asleep. Barking dogs, the clash of metal bins and other nightly disturbances cause irritability and residual stress after waking. Studies have shown that interference from continual noise is responsible for loss in productivity during work hours and has also been linked to ailments such as cognitive impairment, tinnitus and cardiovascular disease.

Using a blenderHome workshopLawn mowingstudying

Hearing protection is advisable whenever noisy appliances or tools are used. Ordinary foam earplugs are commonly used at home. They are affordable in the short term and work well for limited periods, but left in too long they can get uncomfortable. Falling asleep with them is also a problem as these earplugs protrude and bump easily. Alternatively there are headphones which are also effective but rather bulky for wearing around the home.

A more practical form of hearing protection are custom made earplugs. These devices are moulded precisely to your ear canal, providing a perfect barrier to noise with superb comfort. High end products such as Cotral CLEAR are especially compact and contain selective sound filters letting you talk with others while blocking background noise. When considering the immediate and broader benefits to your hearing health and general wellbeing, custom earplugs offer a very sensible long-term solution for living a more peaceful life.

Pair of Cotral Clear 1 Small 01The solution is CLEAR

When background noise is preventing you from sleep, study or relaxation, your Cotral CLEAR custom earplugs will restore your focus and sense of calm. They will also keep your hearing safe while using noisy equipment in the kitchen, garden, garage or wherever you are. You can comfortably leave them in all day or night and their highly discrete design provides the freedom to be yourself around others.  They're your perfect partner for reducing noise at home or out and about.


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