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At a rock concertWe all know the good things in life can sometimes harm you. That includes noise. Its impact on hearing health is widely known but poorly acknowledged, causing ailments such as tinnitus and hearing loss which sadly are irreversible. Regular outings to live bands or nightclubs bring a gradual decline in hearing that’s easy to ignore until the effects become noticeable. Custom earplugs can protect your hearing.

The average noise at a night club hovers above 90 decibels, loud enough to start causing permanent harm. Even 100 decibels is not uncommon. At that level only a mere 15 minutes a day can be safely tolerated.

A roaring crowd at a sports game gets even louder. Over 120 decibels has been recorded at some stadiums. The shriek of engines at a racing car track can be ear splitting. At some events the volume tops 130 decibels, enough to cause physical pain.

There are plenty of noise-reducing products on the market, yet people continue to avoid wearing them. Young people who frequent nightclubs are largely aware of the consequences but chose to ignore the risk regardless. A survey of revellers said their aversion to wearing earplugs is because they are deemed to be "too medical", aesthetically unappealing and socially unacceptable.

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Adding to this, typical earplugs become uncomfortable after a while or feel obtrusive. With Cotral’s custom made earplugs you don’t need to give up your outings or social life. Cotral CLEAR is moulded precisely for your ear canal and blocks background noise selectively letting you carry a conversation on the dance floor or crowded bar. There’s no more pain from noise or ringing in your ears.

Cotral CLEAR is transparent, compact and discrete enough to give you confidence while mingling. You won’t need to take them out when ordering drinks or speaking on the phone. With Cotral CLEAR, the traffic at a street side café can be drowned out, the roaring crowd at the footy game is not so deafening and the shriek of formula one engines won’t cause you headaches.

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