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Musicians playing jazzMusic is a labour of love for many Australians but this pursuit comes at a price. Studies show the development of noise-induced hearing loss in professional musicians is nearly four times more likely than in the general public. This preventable condition affects players across all styles of music. For rock musicians or anyone using electronic amplification, the decibel level beside a speaker at a live concert or weekly rehearsals can quite literally be deafening.

Classical instruments also generate tremendous noise, especially since many are played in close proximity to the player’s eardrums. The violin can reach 103 decibels for this reason. Here are the sound levels for some common instruments played at their loudest:

  • Trombone: 85 to 114 db
  • Flute: 85 to 111 db
  • Cello: 82 to 92 db
  • Clarinet: 92 to 103 db
  • French horn: 90 to 106 dB
  • Piano (normal practice): 60 to 70 db
  • Piano (fortissimo): 84 to 103 db
  • Oboe: 90 to 94 db

Ordinary foam earplugs and other noise-reducing options are effective when used correctly. However, issues with comfort and the need to communicate often leads players to neglect their hearing protectors on stage, in the recording studio or jamming with mates. Such habits are ill advised as noise induced hearing loss is cumulative.

Music performanceBand practiceRock bandsOrchestra

Cotral CLEAR provides ideal protection for musicians, keeping your hearing safe at all times. The use of selective noise filters enables conversation between players without needing to remove your earplugs. Each device is moulded precisely for your ear canal, ensuring perfect fit with maximum comfort.

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